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The gentle light touches encourage the body to look in on itself and to make shifts.  Sometimes we are holding a pattern of tension due to an emotional or physical trauma from long ago.  Even though it is over and we have moved on, the body may be responding as if it is still occurring because the nervous system was affected deeply.  Everything that we experience is communicated to us through the nervous system. The healthier the nervous system, the healthier the communication. Giving the nervous system the opportunity to change is extremely beneficial on a physical and emotional level.


One thing that makes Flowtrition unique, is that a person doing Flowtrition, is not trying to fix, or change, anyone.  We see the perfection of the person and their body, without judgement.  The purpose with Flowtrition is to connect through a light touch and let the nervous system of the body decide what it wants to do next.  For many people this can be a shift which leads to symptom relief, but that is not the primary purpose; removal of pain is not always a sign of improved health.  What is more important is the body learning to respond in the most appropriate manner to its environment.  We are allowing the body the opportunity to make changes from within, which is more empowering than trying to force something to change when it is not ready.

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